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Oculotronics Technology Pvt. Limited has embarked on a journey of developing Road Runner, the road survey vehicle to provide the latest technological system among its customers. This innovative design can be installed on almost any vehicle and enables users to customize a system specific to the needs of their projects, without having to spend additional money on components they do not need.

“Get acquainted with Road Runner and make highway surveys easier.”


City Hawk is a vehicle designed ground up to survey Indian Roads for road assessments & maintenance. City hawk is loaded with sensors that can scan roads with no interruptions to city traffic.  
SUV size gives flexible to survey narrow single lane  roads 9ft & above. Software customization & design modular to fit client needs.


Survey Board is a data integration and data processing system developed by Oculotronics Technology. It is a software for processing data from road surveys. It has an operator friendly interface with a single click to generate a report for road survey.  It is useful for engineers and survey managers to get a proper report on road survey. From the survey board the user can easily analyze the survey.

3D RIM Profiler_edited.jpg

3D Road Inspection Module

Oculotronics Technology has developed 3D Road Inspection Module, which opens the door to our Indian private and public entities to use made in India 3D laser scanning system.
This 3D system provides high-accuracy survey data on pavement conditions. This system comes with integrated software to post.

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