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Oculotronics Technology Pvt. Limited has embarked on a journey of developing Road Runner, the Network Survey Vehicle to provide the latest technological system to our customers. This innovative design can be installed on almost any vehicle and enables users to customize a system-specific solution to the needs of their projects, without having to spend additional money on components that are not needed.

This technology can collect accurate data about road assets and pavement distress by traveling at highway speeds without interrupting vehicular traffic. This data can further be used to detect the appropriate condition of the pavement by post-processing software.

In short, our roadrunner is a smart and intelligent examiner of the highways. It can record highway infrastructure data which can be further used to detect the proper condition of the road. Then the report can be analyzed by maintenance teams, contractors, and NHAI.

“Get acquainted with Road Runner and make highway surveys easier.”

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Modules of Vehicle:

  • Video logging modules – Road Runner has three cameras at the front for capturing the visual image of Road assets and it has two cameras for capturing the visual image of pavement distress.

  • GPS modules –  GPS data can be used to get the exact geotagged pavement images. With that geographical data, the locations can be tracked easily.

  • DMI – The Distance Measurement Instrument is used to measure the distance accurately.

  • Inertial Profiler - This laser profilometer is used to measure the roughness and texture of the pavement. 

Onboard Software for the Vehicle:

  • DashBoard – Dashboard application is to record data and to display a live feed of cameras, GPS, and chainage.


  • Highly customizable based on project requirements.

  • Road roughness survey.

  • Video logging for asset management and distress labeling.

  • Crack and surface defect inspections.

  • Audio note for post-survey analysis.

  • Rutting survey.

  • Geo tagged pavement distress pictures.

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We believe in the motto "Make In India". All our products are manufactured and assembled within India. We are pleased to inform you that our product provides a firm warranty of two years. If any part is broken/damaged within this period, we replace them immediately on a priority basis.

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