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Survey Board is a data integration and data processing system developed by Oculotronics Technology. It is a software for processing data from road surveys. It has an operator-friendly interface with a single click to generate a report for road surveys. It is useful for engineers and survey managers to get a proper report on road surveys. From the survey board, the user can easily analyze the survey.
In the survey board by filtering, we can enhance the pavement distress(cracks, potholes, etc.). It is a semi-automated process. So while reviewing the road survey it becomes a lot easier to identify only the distresses from the overall surface view.

Survey Board: Text
Survey Board: Image


  • Property labeling option with different colors.

  • HT tool (Height measurement tool).

  • LW tool(Line Width measurement tool).

  • Audio note review.

  • Sticky option.

  • Distress measuring tool kit.

  • Analysis mode - Play and Review.


  • Road surface and asset measurement. 

  • Asset labeling.

  • Distress labeling and measurement.

  • Resolution up to UHD (4K).

  • Customized report generation in a single click.

  • Post survey analysis.

Survey Board: List
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